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Greece is pilgrimage, birthright, and spiritual home of every single person on earth. A small country endowed with huge attractions,it gave birth to the most revered traditions as well as the most admired art and architecture of our global civilisation. But the best reason to visit as often as possible is its dedication to contentment that borders on euphoria. It combines clear-bright sunlight and emerald-sapphire-aquamarine seas with exquisitely fresh seafood, the Parthenon, Mykonos (and two thousand other wonderful islands), Byzantine castles, Venetian ports, tranquil coves, and a party that continues unabated in resorts and beaches all day and all night. A magnificent bundle of pleasures... See More


Italy is the quintessential “continental holiday”. Poets and princes alike have for centuries travelled from far and wide to enjoy its charms. And what lavish, regal charms! Home of Ancient Rome, the Renaissance and the Vatican, not to mention Venice, Capri, the Alps and Tuscany, Italy is a breathtaking collection of dreamy landscape, timeless architecture and eternal art that spans the millennia and astonishes at every turn. But, there’s more: azure sea, mild sunny climate, fragrant plentiful produce, healthy delicious cuisine, joyous music, first-class accommodations, and the Italian flare for dolce vita (“sweet life”), and it all adds up to an endless sequence of excellent vacations. See More


Cyprus is rightly called the Island of Love. Romance has always reigned in this birthplace of Aphrodite (Venus), this earthly Paradise in the eastern Mediterranean. It is fertile and verdant, with a climate that caresses and a life-style that makes one happy to be alive. A favourite haunt of royalty (Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Othello), Cyprus entices with gorgeous beaches, modern resorts that are fully loaded with amenities, articulated antiquities from twelve thousand years of history, traditional villages lost in time and wrapped in clear light, lovely food, and a deliciously sweet local wine. It welcomes all lovers and all who would be lovers. See More


Malta sits serenely at the heart of the Mediterranean. It is a seven-island archipelago that is of great interest to vacationers, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Currently the smallest member of the European Union, Malta wears its varied past on its sleeve. Prehistoric megalithic temples, Ancient Roman towns, mediaeval fortified citadels, and British colonial mansions vie for attention with ultramodern yacht marinas and splendid resorts. Malta is exotic yet familiar, and ever so exciting with its semitropical climate, grand landscape, flat-out water sports, and tasty array of cuisines. It’s tucked away south of Sicily and packed with sublime diversions. Waiting to be discovered. See More

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