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As we know it's nearly impossible to build a country from scratch, so we have created our Hermes™ platform which lays out the structure of each of these countries to the Municipality level (with governmental info in respect).

The idea is to explore and show with your participation as much as we can about these four historically beautiful Mediterranean countries: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Malta in a simple organized way.

This is an ongoing website (now in beta version) that wants to promote as much as possible about these countries uniformly; thus, creating an opportunity of unknown places to come to light well structured. You just have to add your info at the right place.

how it works

Once a member (registration is free) you are allowed to upload a new site if you want (or upload on existing one your multimedia contents) which can be anything from a small town or a village to a spot (small beach) under it's specific municipality level of any country's database.

After our approval (usually within 24 hrs) you will see your new site created; then you can simply upload any multimedia materials on it (such as photos, videos, articles, local music); these materials will show for the safety of our viewers after approval-- usually 24hrs).

Now other people can come on and add more stuff or new sublevels (following the same process as before) on your site creating a virtual community for that destination.

Uploading images is fast; just make sure your total files uploaded each time do not exceed 100MB. There is no virus threat or any cookies associated with this process.


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