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Greece. Hellas. Hellenic Republic.

By any name, in any season, during any part of the last five thousand years... On the beach or on the mountain, in the brilliant sun or in the shade of an old plane tree... At a fresh-fish dinner under a starlit sky or at breakfast gazing at the emerald sea... In Plaka facing the Parthenon or in a Santorini cafe perched on the tip of a Homeric sunset, Greece is a blessed corner of the Mediterranean with a wealth of irresistible attractions and a history that bespeaks of mythology.

Ancient Hellas is the cradle of civilisation, the birthplace of democracy, the creator of both Tragedy and Comedy, the very definition of classical, the paragon of beauty and art and logic and pure science in western thought, the inventor of the Olympic Games, the essence of both philosophy and existentialism: in short, the fount of everything we have come to value in this world.

The Hellenic Republic, as modern Greece is known today, is the storehouse of the monuments and artworks of its glorious past, and also the home of its bright future. In this country of countless islands and lively cities and rejuvenating immensely pleasurable resorts and mythical vistas and memorable vacations and delicious organically grown food and velvet nights and golden sunlit days there exist all the venues and all the passion for joy and contentment.

Greece by any name and in any epoch is the celebration of the human spirit.

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