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Provided by Greek National Tourist Organisation

The region of Epirus in northwest Greece has its own special beauty and cultural identity. It extends from the peaks of the Pindus mountains to the shores of the Ionian Sea and is separated into four administrative districts: Ioannina , Thesprotia , Preveza and Arta .

As we have seen life in Epirus had its origins well before the dawn of history. The region witnessed all the ups and downs of Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the modern era, gaining a uniquely individual sense of history and culture.

As for geography, Epirus is Greece's most mountainous region. The Pindus range forms its natural northeastern border, while dozens of other mountains, big and small, are scattered throughout the area, separated by only a few valleys.

The Vikos - Aoos National Forest - a part of the Vallia - Kalda National Forest - is of great ecological value, containing as it does such a variety of ecosystems.

Amidst these superb mountains and forests live the last of the Greek bears, wolves, mountain lions, wild boars and otters. Wild goats and deer still browse on its precipitous cliffs, where eagles and vultures nest.

To the west the Ionian stretches its coast a diverse blend of modern resorts, lagoons and river deltas, of which the latter two form an important system of wetlands.

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