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Cyprus is an island nation in the most eastern reaches of the Mediterranean. A place of importance and strategic significance since prehistory, Cyprus now strives full force into a dynamic future, particularly as a tourist destination.

This island has it all. Perfect climate, spectacular beaches with emerald water golden sands and mountain backdrops, excellent produce, tasty multinational cuisine, modern cities with international sophistication, elegant beach-resorts, untouched mediaeval villages forts and monasteries, decorative cypress trees, and Aphrodite.

Venus, the goddess of Love (Aphrodite in Greek) was born here, and gave birth to the island in the process. According to mythology, Cyprus was formed out of the froth generated by the divine birth, an open shell of fecundity that Boticelli depicted in his famous painting. That froth of celestial procreation has yet to subside. Love and Aphrodite are ever-present on this island, especially at the delightful resort town of Paphos, off the cliffs of which is Aphrodite's Rock, the exact location of her entrance into the Pantheon. It is here that millennia's worth of love-worshippers have come to pay their respects, and the tradition continues to this day.

A first visit to Cyprus is a revelation and an invitation to return time and again. There is a lifetime of interest on this island, and a banquet of pleasures. Enough to satisfy even gods and goddesses.

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