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Provided by Comino Tourism Authority

The tiny Island of Comino is situated right in the middle of the channel that separates mainland Malta from the island of Gozo. The unspoilt island is a haven for all those who love swimming, snorkelling, diving, wind surfing and other water sports. The so called Blue Lagoon, with its crystal clear blue sea, provides one of the most spectacular sights of the Maltese archipelago. The natural caves surrounding the Island are also awe inspiring and are not to be missed.

Comino has an area of 1.5 sq. kms. and there are only about eight residents living on the Island. Traffic is inexistent while noise is the exception rather than the rule. The island does however boast a modern hotel which caters for those who want to escape from it all. There is also a watch tower built by the Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt in the 17th century.

A small church on Comino is dedicated to the Return of Our Lady from Egypt. This was first built in 1618 but has been restored many times since then. A 12th century navigational map at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich shows a church where the present one stands.


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